Standard Parts

We offer a full line of precisely manufactured, replacement spare parts for your measurement system.
They are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and are fully compatible with the OEM’s original specifications – for the latest as well as the older systems.

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Here are some examples of our Standard Parts

Part nbr: 308-4872-01

MX-code: 08487201 

Harness assy, Auxiliary

Part nbr: 308-4875-01

MX-code: 08487501

Harness assy, Bulkhead Source

Part nbr: 305-2935-01

MX-code: 05293501

PCBA X-Ray Controller Metal Type 2

Part nbr: 365-8080-1390

MX-code: 6580801390

PCBA, SBC Pentium IV Upgrade Kit

Part nbr: 357-0000-13

MX-code: 57000013

X-Ray tube 8-15KV, 1,5mA ,Fe Target

Part nbr: 308-3629-04

MX-code: 08362904

DC-DC converter 28V in  30 KV out

Part nbr: 308-6452-00

MX-code: 08645200

Flag assy, 0,0015" Mn/Ni, Compensator

Part nbr: 308-3534-01

MX-code: 08353401

Compensator assy, BW Sensor ASH Insens KR85, 4" Gap

Part nbr: 308-1309-03

MX-code: 08130903

Wheel pad Assy

Part nbr: 308-3827-00

MX-code: 08382700

Pulley assy DC-drive I-Beam scanner

Part nbr: 308-7220-00

MX-code: 08722000

Solenoid valve assy

Part nbr: 319-0002-07

MX-code: 19000207

LCD display matrix electro lumicent