Custom-Made Parts

At NRS electronics, we custom-manufacture any spare parts on demand. Before sending them to you, all parts undergo strict quality control, including visual examination and physical testing.
For custom-made products like power tracks, the standard manufacturing time is two to four weeks. In case of system breakdown we can reduce that to two days, depending on the complexity.

Here are some examples of our Custom made Parts

Part nbr: 308-6249-01 

MX-code:  08624901

Cable assy Receiver 15,3 m long

Part nbr: 308-4491-01

MX-code: 08449101

Harness Assy, Multisnsr head, Upr-weight reduced

Part nbr: 308-7147-01

MX-code: 08714701

Powertrack Upper, Left hand PMP, 480"

Part nbr: 308-5644-01 

MX-code: 08564401 

Powertrack Lower normal temp 300" LG

Part nbr: 308-7147-03

MX-code: 08714703 

Powertrack Upper, Scanner 4000-20/21, 228"

Part nbr: 308-6952-01

MX-code:  08695201

Powertrack Upper normal temp 240" LG