Customer testimonial Iljin Altech: “Permanent assistance assured.”

Iljin Altech Co. Ltd. is located in South Korea and was established in 1983. The company is specialized in the production of aluminum foil. “Our products are widely utilized in a variety of fields including electronics, air-conditioning systems, heating systems, house-hold goods, pharmaceutical packing, food packaging and more,” explains Mr David Hyun, Manager Export Dept. of Iljin Altech Co.,Ltd. “Together with our team of 70 people, we produce high quality aluminum foils and export worldwide,” continues Mr Hyun.

Technical knowledge

In our aluminum mills the measurement control systems, the Measurex MX-Open systems, are getting old. We have to replace parts frequently. In June 2017 the measurement heads of our C-frame were broken. We contacted several domestic repair companies, however they couldn’t help us with the broken source and receiver heads. By searching on the internet I came across NRS electronics and contacted Mrs Nadia Rouffa. She responded very quickly on my email and provided me with detailed information so that we could understand what the technical issues could be. Based on their technical knowledge we decided to cooperate with NRS electronics and sent the source head and receiver (type 2249) to NRS electronics in Belgium.

Highly efficient Measurex test lab

After cleaning and inspecting the heads, they ran all necessary tests in their Measurex test lab. We received a list of repair and maintenance recommendations accompanied with a detailed offer. After repairing the heads the technicians started the long term test -which is part of the standard procedure at NRS electronics- and noticed that the temperatures were still unstable due to a problem with the backplane. Mrs Nadia Rouffa contacted us immediately. She came up with a solution and informed us at the same time about the cost for this additional replacement. Besides repairing the heads, the NRS electronics team also executed a basic maintenance by replacing the sealing rings, the micro-switch, the Kapton windows and the thermistors. We also needed a new Tube and a new high voltage power supply, which could be delivered immediately from their extensive stock.

Professional and reliable company

We consider NRS electronics as a very professional and reliable company with good service, a transparent business and trustful source in Europe. We will expand our business with them. And I definitely recommend NRS electronics if you are looking for Measurex parts or a Measurex test and repair center.

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