Repair Service & Test Center for Measurement Heads

The quality of aluminum sheets depends on accurate measurement systems. NRS electronics provides fast, reliable and qualified repair and test services for measurement heads of 10kV and 30kV measurement systems. Our technicians repair and test your measurement heads according to the original manufacturer’s specifications at our in-house Measurex test lab. Compatibility with your system is guaranteed throughout the entire process, from receipt to delivery.

Avoid system breakdown
With a complete new set of source and receiver a system breakdown is been avoided. While we repair and test the broken set, your operation continues with the new one. In so doing, we provide a cost-effective alternative, by further extending the lifecycle of your measurement system.

All spare parts in stock
Fast and reliable delivery of spare parts is essential for the optimal performance of your quality measurement control system. We offer a wide selection of OEM compatible spare parts for these various measurement control systems like 2000, 2001, 2002, MMU, RT2, RT3, MX-Open and MX-Proline.

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