Cost effective Power Track replacement

At NRS electronics, we custom-manufacture any Power track on demand. The Power Tracks are inhouse assembled at our production facility, according to the high Measurex specifications. Our goal is to keep your Measurex up and running in an efficient manner. Our approach is simple: it is to maximize the performance and to extend the life cycle of your Measurex system.

We offer a full range of replacement Power Tracks and ship worldwide. Upper and lower Power Tracks for all kind of scanners, in different beam lengths,….The standard manufacturing time is two to four weeks. In case of system breakdown we can reduce that to two days, depending on the complexity.

We ensure reliable assembly of Power Tracks . Before shipping, all parts undergo a strict quality control procedure, including visual inspection and physical testing.

Request here our overview of all featured Power Tracks.

Feel free to contact us for a quote for a specific Power Track. In order to make a quote we will need the scanner type, the beamlength and preferably the correct 08- or 65- number. And, if possible, the production release of your Measurex system.